Jebao Back-up Battery for Wavemakers



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Battery back-up for Jebao Wavemakers, DC Pumps, VorTech, ReefOctopus, or most 12V to 24V output pump.

  • 110V to 240V Voltage 50/60Hz
  • Can operate 2 Back-up Battery for 1 pump, or 1 Back-up Battery for 2 pumps
  • Cable is included
  • Doubling the Jebao Back-up Battery will provide extra operation time.

Sample test (Jebao PP, RW, or WP Pumps) using lowest model W1 function:

PP-4/ RW-4 / WP-10: 48 Hours
PP-8/ RW-8 / WP-25: 24 Hours
PP-15/ RW-15 / WP-40: 18 Hours
PP-20/ RW-20 / WP-60: 9 Hours

Sample test for DC Pump (DC-12000) on 1.7M height (highest mode):
DC-12000: 2 Hours 15 Minutes



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