SunSun JVP-131 8W Wavemaker w/ Magnet Clamp Base, 1585gph (1 Head)

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SunSun JVP wavemakers are dynamic and fully submersible which will have your aquarium cleared and revitalized. With articulating ball joint, this maker allows a full 360 degree rotation to generate waves of water movement. This item can be used to improve oxygenation as well as to let your fishes, corals, and other aquatics enjoy a vital and energetic ocean-like circumstance. An inexpensive way to improve water movement especially for saltwater coral, reef, or fish tanks! No more debris settling on the bottom or in the corners of the tank. No any sand being blown away from the bottom leaving a bare spot. No annoying noise. No other side effects to the fishes, corals, and other aquatics!

  • 1585gph flux and wide-spread range which is ideal for marine aquarium.
  • Comes with a magnet mount
  • Adjustable head for desired directional use
  • Totally submersible and has an oil-free motor to avoid pollution to the aquarium.
  • High waterproof performance ensures safety and reliability.
  • 360 degree rotation to allow full flow directions.
  • Suction cup with articulating ball joints for versatile directions.
  • Easy to install – just suck the cupula to anywhere of the in-wall and plug in the power.
  • Power: 110V / 60Hz


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