Zetlight ZT-6800II 210W LED Reef Aquarium Light

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The ZT-6800II is a 2nd generation LED aquarium light from Zetlight under the highly successful Qmaven series. While the first generation was a huge success, Zetlight decided to update the Qmaven lineup and include many new features. For starters, the 2nd generation Qmaven series can now be operated using the Horizon app. The Horizon app allows users to customize the light’s power, daily schedules, and much more. In addition, the Horizon app is compatible with a wide range of other Zetlight products such as skimmers, wavemakers, and dosing pumps.

Item Size: 46.5″x10.2″x1.6″H
Maximum Tank Size: 59.1″x21.7″x27.6″H

  • Lumens: 13450LM
  • Power: 210W
  • 112 LEDs
  • Fanless Design
  • Dual-angled Lenses
  • IP67
  • Special Blue Wavelength
  • Natural Spectrums
  • Built-in Receiver


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