SunSun CPF-20000 Pressurized Bio Pond Filter, UV 36W, 3170gph

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The CPF-pressure pond filter series is among the latest generation of pond filters, combining in a compact system, a high-performance bio-mechanical filter along with the most modern UV technology. The filter is unremarkably dug in at the edge of the pond. The compact way of construction makes the pond technology almost completely disappear. Any and all connections as well as the whole field of technology are found in the top cover. The pond filter can be dug in without any problems. The pond water can be pumped to higher-located waterfalls and from this point return into the garden pond.
The pressure pond filter ensures a stable, biological balance and improves the water quality. Along with the appropriate pump (not included in the supply; please note the pond pumpĀ“s maximum volume capacity), this ensures for clear water, thus creating healthy surroundings for the pond inhabitants.

  • Integrated UVC lamp with 36W
  • Max. pump capacity 3170gph (12000l/h)
  • Pressure Pond Filters are easy to clean!
  • New pond filter generation: Bio pressure pond filter CPF-20000
  • Indicator for pollution
  • High flow rate
  • Optimum development of biological pond filter
  • Easy and uncomplicated bio-pressure pond filter-system
  • This system provides quickly and reliably for clear water
  • Different filter materials (special filter foams)

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Weight 30.00 lbs


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