Marine Space/Zetlight MS-60F 24″ LED w/ Switch (Freshwater)

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Marine Space, a subsidiary of Zetlight, offers stylish and high quality performance on their aquarium LED lights. With models ranging from 12 to 48 inches long, each light includes a pair of stainless steel extendable brackets. Sporting in 2 different versions with a full spectrum high-brightness LED chip, the freshwater version has 2 channels of red/white LEDs, whereas the marine version has blue/white LEDs. The light features a passive heat sink that prevents overheating and also prolongs the life of the light. No need to worry about splashes, fingerprints, or other accidental drops of water—the Marine Space LED lights have a high quality brush aluminum finish, and are rated waterproof IP67! In addition, the light also comes with an attached dimmable switch, which can control the intensity of the light as well as switching between the channels.

  • Power: 15W
  • Lumens: 1500LM
  • White 6500K, Red 620nm


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