Jebao DOSER 3.4 WIFI 4 Channel Dosing Pump

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The Jebao Doser 3.4 is a 4-channel dosing pump that works best when connected with a mobile device.

The Doser 3.4 sports a white and red colorway—much different than previous dosing pumps from Jebao.

Affordable dosing pump with 4 dosing heads. You can program each pump up to 24 times a day and dispense a precise amount of solution, which allows a user to keep their tank parameters stable, and removes the need for mixing supplements daily. The controller is easy to use and advanced, and each pump can be programmed individually. Perfect for any tank, as it allows for dosing in both large and small increments. Download the free “Jebao Aqua” app to control the Doser 3.4.

The free “Jebao Aqua” app is easy and simple to use. Check out the video below!




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