Macro Aqua NP-450 Internal BioPellet Reactor w/ 500ml NP Pellets



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The Macro Aqua NP-450 Internal BioPellet Reactor is for up to a 200gal tank. The reactor does an excellent job in Nitrate Phosphate removal, which aids in maintenance in marine fish tanks. The item also comes with 500ml extra large NP Pellets.

  • Flow rate: 317gph
  • Power: 16W
  • Internal BioPellet Reactor
  • Comes with 500ml NP Pellets
  • This BioPellet Reactor is optimum in reducing No3 and PO4
  • The special external design for NP BioPellet Reactor saves the space in aquarium
  • Adequate volume of NP reducing bio pellets are included in the package
  • The internal bio pellet reaction is able to produce strong water flow to fully fluidize the XL bio pellets
  • Easy install and operate
  • Nitrate phosphate removal
  • Effectively eliminating organic waste
  • A compact size that requires little space
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