ISTA 4g Coral Frags Instant Glue



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(1) ISTA Instant Glue

  • Cyanoacrylate gel type instant adhesive.
  • The ISTA adhesive gel glue can be used in or out of the water, making the glue more versatile.
  • Adhesive for aquarium appliances, decorations, driftwood, coral, stone, ceramics, timber, metal, plastic, and even leather!
  • No messy mixing of 2-part epoxy putties, or any concerns with irritation to aquarium inhabitants from leaching amine epoxy curing agents.
  • Excellent for gluing stoney coral fragments to coral rock and also to other surfaces in your aquarium. Highest purity cyanacrylate adhesive available (not diluted with low cost resins).
  • Avoid touching the glue with skin and eyes. If the glue sticks onto skin, use warm water or an acetone solution to remove the stickiness. Do not try to tear it off! If the glue touches with eyes, rise with water immediately and go to your nearest clinic for a check-up and medical support.
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