Grech CTP-8000 70W Pond Adjustable Submersible Pump, 2114gph



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The SunSun/Grech  CTP-Pump is one of the highest efficiency on the pond pumps on the market. The CTP Series power compared with other pond pumps, people will notice, that the trend to save energy is correctly detected and was implemented. CTP Pond Pumps are durable as well as energy saving.

  • Maximum output is 8000 L/H with a power consumption of only 70W.
  • The pump can be a Fountain Pond Pump and a Filter Pump while working.
  • Maximum pump which is 5.6 M, this cable is the 5 M long.
  • The spout has a Hose Intake hose levels 25/33/38 mm (~1 - 1 1/2").
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