Zetlight A200 Wi-Fi Controller (iOS, Android)



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Zetlight A200 Wi-Fi Controller (previously A100) is an upgraded device that allows you to control most of your Zetlight equipment (lights, pumps, skimmers, wavemakers, etc.) through the Horizon app.

  • Zetlight A200 Wi-Fi Controller smartly matches APEX, SmartStar, or OCTO system with Zetlight lighting
  • Wi-Fi service is required
  • Zetlight 1200R Signal Receiver is required for the Zetlight Zeon, Lancia, and Aqua series to be functional (Qmaven and Shieldo series does not require the Zetlight I200R Signal Receiver)
  • Controls lights via Smartphone or Tablet (iOS, Android)
  • The Zetlight Wi-Fi software can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and App Store for free
  • Smart and fashionable design
  • Simple and convenient installation
  • Easy software operation
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