Tropic Marin Alca-Blance 14oz

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To safely reduce alkalinity while simultaneously increasing the calcium level

Natural alkalinity and calcium concentrations are of special importance to ensure optimum growth and well-being of many invertebrates and calcareous algae in an aquarium. In many reef aquaria an increase of alkalinity and a decrease of calcium often occur. This may result in breakdown and increased carbon dioxide consumption in calcium reactors, with calcium content subsequently sinking below the natural level. The further addition of calcium exacerbates the situation. Sensitive stony corals may even die.

With Tropic Marin® ALCA-BALANCE, the alkalinity can be easily reduced while the calcium concentration can be raised to a natural level simultaneously. The optimal values of 6° to 9° dKH and 400 to 440 mg/l calcium are easily achieved with Tropic Marin® ALCA-BALANCE.


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