Jebao BCF-12000 18W UV Pressurized Pond Filter w/ Back Flush, 3170gal

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  • UV 18W
  • 3170gal (12000L)
  • Can be partially buried and is therefore less visible.
  • Integral indicator to show when cleaning is required.
  • Simple clip lid design makes maintenance easy.
  • Clear peephole on the top of the filter allows you to easily and safely monitor that the UV lamp is operating.
  • Multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration process provides maximum pond filtration.
  • Large foam surface provides increased filtration and beneficial bacteria growth.
  • Includes many bio-balls, providing a high-surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive and naturally clean pond pollutants.
  • Unique external pressure indicator shows green when filter is performing properly, and shows red when filter cleaning is necessary.
  • Unit is designed to be hidden and keep your pond environment beautiful — Jebao bio-filter is meant to be partially buried!
  • Pressurized filter is ideal for use with waterfall applications.
  • Easy and secure sealing mechanism ensures positive seal and easy operation.
  • UV light incorporates special quartz glass, a high-quality clear material that allows virtually all ultra-violet light to pass, significantly increasing the performance of your filter.


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Weight 20.00 lbs


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