Zetlight Lancia ZP-4000-590 LED Waterproof Aquarium Light, 24-29in Marine


ZP-4000-590 Marine

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  • (**Adjustable color ONLY with the compatible I200 Light Controller & I200R Signal Receiver! - Sold separately!**)
  • 24 - 29 Inch Marine: 23W, Lumens: 1500LM,
    LED // Color temperature/wavelength
    36 White // 12000K
    27 Blue // 465-485nm
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Waterproof level rated at IP68, the fixture is protected to the greatest extent from being damaged by water
  • Aluminum housing that always keeps the lamp cool
  • Highly cost effective, energy saving, and environmentally protective
  • Fits perfectly into existing T5 and T8 versions
  • There is the lamp in 5 different sizes
  • Very thin and stylish design
  • Extremely low heat generation by aluminum housing
  • The lamp has a puller and is adjustable in length
  • The lamp may be hung over the aquarium
  • Works with a compatible controller (sold separately)

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