Zetlight I200 Lancia ZP-4000 Light Controller



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  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Compatible with the Zetlight ZP-4000 models
  • BOTH I200R Signal Receiver and I200 Light Controller is REQUIRED in order for the Zetlight ZP-4000 models to adjust colors
  • Battery is included inside the controller (Lithium Battery CR2025 3V)
  • Time control, which is embedded with perpetual calendar mode, enabling the light to shift according to solar terms
  • A 5 timer setting, sunrise and sunset light change
  • 100 levels of brightness adjustable
  • Realize the control of one controller to multi groups of light
  • Quickly demonstrate the setting of a whole day
  • Wireless control methods
  • Three professional modes: Cloud moving, Moonlight, Creature Adaption

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