Grech CTP-16000 140W Pond Adjustable Submersible Pump, 4227gph



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The SunSun/Grech CTP-Pump is one of the highest efficiency on the pond pumps on the market. The CTP Series power compared with other pond pumps, people will notice, that the trend to save energy is correctly detected and was implemented. CTP Pond Pumps are durable as well as energy saving.

  • The SunSun/Grech CTP-16000 Pond Pump 16000 l/h with 140 Watt is one of the pumps with the highest efficiency on the pond market.
  • Comparing the power consumption of the CTP-Pond-Pump Series with other pond pumps, you will notice that the trend to save energy was correctly identified and implemented.
  • Pond Pumps are always in continuous operation, every Watt savings is a relief for every budget.
  • Max. pump capacity up to 16000l/h - 140W
  • Watercourse Pump, Pond Filter Pump
  • Max. pumping head 7.5m
  • Energy saving
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