Macro Aqua ACO2-23 Complete Kit w/ Dual Gauge Regulator & 2L Cylinder & Diffuser



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This Macro Aqua CO2 Kit is the ideal CO2 supplementation system for any planted aquariums. It will ensure that the most important nutrients are available to plants to maintain vigorous, vibrant growth, and condition. The kit includes: a high quality dual gauge regulator to effectively control CO2 output, 2 liter aluminum cylinder, a CO2 ceramic diffuser to efficiently dissolve CO2 in aquarium water, 2 meter long air tube, connector, and a holding stand. The Macro Aqua CO2 Kit is easy to use and will ensure your plants stay healthy and strong.

  • Includes: Dual Gauge Regulator, 2L Cylinder, Diffuser, Air Tube, Connector and Cylinder Stand.
  • Aluminum cylinder ships empty
  • Complete CO2 kit for your planted aquariums
  • Easy to setup - Fill the cylinder with CO2 and it is ready to use
  • Holding stand ensures stability upon installation
  • Large cylinder lasts much longer than a disposable one
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